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How to Date Transgender Woman

Trans couple

How to date a transgender woman is a book closed to many. However, being in the know on how to date a transsexual woman can be very rewarding, especially given the fact that transsexuals have become the talk of the town due to their unrivaled attributes. Many men are breaking the social barriers and comfortably dating transsexuals. If you are one of these brave souls, and you do not have a clue on how to date a transgender woman, then this article will give you an insightful approach to everything you need to know about dating a transgender woman.

Always dress to kill
One thing that incontrovertibly stands out for transgender women is their sense of fashion. Transsexuals always go the extra mile to look womanly, appealing, and stunning. For this reason, you also need to be on top of your game concerning wardrobe affairs. In all honesty, you surely cannot expect to impress a transsexual when you show up for a date looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Do not be too inquisitive
Curiosity killed the cat; it can also kill your relationship with a transgender woman. When dating a transgender woman, do not be too inquisitive or curious about her decision to become a woman. This might send the wrong signal, possibly indicating that you are just experimenting. When you have your first date, it is advisable that you leave your list of questions at home. It is a date, not an interrogation or an interview! Never at any point during your conversations with a transgender woman should you ask her why she opted to become a transgender woman.

Be a gentleman
Do not treat a transgender woman any less than you would treat a genetic woman – some transgender women are even more feminine than genetic women are! Treat them with respect and understanding just as a polished gentleman would do. Be manly, and try to make her smile. Engage her in meaningful conversations and make sure she feels safe being with you. Do not stare at her cleavage or try to get her in bed right away. Transsexuals receive a lot of gawking from men, hence being amorously lecherous might give the impression that you are only interested in sex. When you go out for a date, never suggest that the two of you go Dutch on the bill. She is not your male buddy!

Weigh your words
You should be very careful with your words and jokes when dating a transgender woman. If you have run out of jokes, never at any point share a transphobic joke with her. Such a move is offensive and demeaning. When you are on a date, do not be hell-bent on impressing her with your never-ceasing stories. It pays to be a good listener, so give her a chance to talk and listen keenly. Society has not made things easy for transgender women. Therefore please do not add to this burden with insensitive words.